Lublanske Novize — the First Newspaper in Slovenian

The first newspaper in the Slovenian language was published in January 1797. One of the main initiators of publishing the Lublanske Novize newspaper was Baron Sigmund Zois, a key figure of the Enlightenment Age in the Slovenian lands.

At first, the newspaper (in the original—Lublanske Novize) came out once a week, and then, twice a week. The first author, literary editor and journalist of the newspaper was the famous Slovenian poet Valentin Vodnik. He did all the major work related to the newspaper itself—translated news, did copywriting, carried out technical editing, and also developed the Slovenian journalistic language and style.

Valentin Vodnik organized the work of the newspaper as a source of information about the world from his personal experience and vision. He translated news from Wiener Zeitung and published related articles in Ljubljanske Novice about 14 days later.

Ljubljanske Novice published news of various subjects. The main attention was paid to foreign policy, economy, culture, as well as brief entertaining and instructive texts. The main genre of the newspaper was a necrology, a small article about the life and activities of a recently deceased person.

The last issue of the newspaper was published on 27 December 1800.