Ljubljana Hosts the 20th Documentary Film Festival

The 20th Documentary Film Festival starts on 14 March 2018 in the Cankar Centre (Slovene: Cankarjev dom) in Ljubljana. The programme of the event includes screening of 18 films, interviews with authors, as well as workshops on film art for the youth. The festival is dedicated to three anniversaries: the event anniversary itself, the 30th anniversary of the Amnesty International’s representation in Slovenia and the 10th anniversary of the award presented by this organization.

Within the framework of the festival, Amnesty International Slovenija will hold a contest for the best film on human rights. The contest programme features 5 films. The jury includes a journalist and actress Ula Furlan, a director and social films producer Dejan Babosek and an activist, human rights protector, producer, lawyer and founder of the Art for Amnesty creative association Bill Shipsey.

The film Čistilci (The Cleaners) dedicated to censorship on the Internet will be first shown in the Kosovelova Dvorana hall on Friday, 16 March 2018, at 6:45 pm. The film shows the interconnection of politics, the media, personal fates of protagonists, and the global effect of their activities. In addition to this film, the guests of the festival will watch several more moies about the protection of human rights: ‘Atelier de Conversation’ by Bernhard Braunstein (Austria) about people of all nationalities, races and religions that meet during the French language lectures; ‘The Dead Nation” by Radu Jude (Romania) about the responsibility of the Romanian people for the Holocaust; ‘Of Fathers and Sons’ by Talal Derki (Syria) about the involvement of children in Jihad; ‘Stranger in Paradise’ by Guido Hendrikx (Holland) about the fate of migrants; and ‘West of the Jordan River’ by the Israeli director Amos Gitai about the current relationship between Israel and Palestine.

In addition to the film-contestants, the festival will show documentaries about the current problems of our time, about myths, idols and the media. As one of the festival organizers, Simon Popek, says, the films were selected according to the “larger-than-life” principle. According to him, “the world can also be wonderful, you just need to turn off the TV.”

This year, the Slovenian films are pronouncedly autobiographical. Among other things, a biographical feature ‘My Way 50’ by Slovenian director Maja Weiss, and the debut feature by her sisters, producer Ida Weiss, ‘Peter vs. Harry’ devoted to the sister’s husband, musician, operator, screenplay and director Peter Braatz, will be shown.

Source: rtvslo.sirtvslo.si