Ljubljana Enters the Top Ten Green Capitals of the World

Experts from the comparethemarket.com website announced the greenest capitals of the world.

The determining factors used by the analysts as a basis included the quality of life, the air pollution level, the rate of people who do not go to work by car, the length of bicycle routes, the average time in traffic jams, the area of green spaces, the water quality, the volume of carbon dioxide emissions, and the traffic load.

According to the results of the study, the top ten capitals are Vienna, Bern, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Oslo, Luxembourg, Berlin, and Ljubljana.

It is worth noting that Ljubljana ranked first in the category “Average Time in Traffic Jams” (with a rate of 80 hours per year) and in the category “Traffic Load”, the seventh place in the category “Quality of Life” (ahead of Berlin, Stockholm and Oslo), and the eighth place in the category “Water Quality” (ahead of Amsterdam and Berlin).

Sources: valuewalk.com, stroyobzor.ua