Lip Bled Is the Leading Slovenian Manufacturer of Interior Doors

“Until the end of the current year, Lip Bled will increase revenues by 8% — up to 26.6 million euros instead of the last year’s 24.6 million euros,” the director and the owner of one third of the company assets Alojz Burja notes. Due to the increase in sales in the Western Europe markets, Lip Bled is developing the projects of production expansion.

The Company specializes in the manufacture of exclusive interior doors and furniture. For the Lip Bled Company, a single-piece manufacture of products for the European market is “the only right way” according to Alojz Burja, because the employment expenses of similar enterprises in Poland are 40% lower than in Slovenia. This makes the batch production unprofitable.

Lip Bled is included in the top-20 leading European manufacturers of interior doors. Analysing competitors, Alojz Burja especially singled out Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and France. He noted that the German competitors had the most modern equipment, streamlined logistics and a fully automated production. Therefore, the products labelled ‘Made in Germany’ are worth more than the rest on the market.

Additional Employment

Under the order growth conditions, the Company hired 50 additional employees having increased the total number of employees up to 300 people. Though half of the production is now working in three shifts, they have extended the delivery terms (from 4 to 10 weeks). “The Company can increase the level of income in the area, where there are no excess profits, only due to the growth in production volumes,” Alojz Burja says.

Alojz Burja considers it promising for the Company to produce certified products of high quality (fireresisting doors, soundproof doors). Now the Company improves the ISO 9001 management standards and the ISO 14001 environmental standard. Burja believes that further optimization of production will assure achieving the best results.

Lip Bled Builds a New Paint Shop

Lip Bled needs to expand its production facilities. The Company management plans to construct a new paint shop with an area of 6,000 m2 until 2018. It will allocate 10.7 million euros to develop the new paint shop, which will allow the Company to buy a robot for painting doors and an automated production line. The Company compiles a detailed spatial plan for the Lip Bled industrial zone, which will be the basis for further expansion of the work premises.

The Lip Bohinj Company Builds a Woodworking Centre

Alojz Burja runs the Lip Bohinj Company. One quarter of its assets is owned by the Lip Bled Company, and the main owner is the Austrian Hasslacher Holding. Lip Bohinj will start the construction of the Woodworking Centre next year. It will improve the performance of the electric saw from 150,000 up to 180,000 m3 of wood per year. The volume of sales has grown by 13% in 2016, and is expected to make around 19 million euros until the end of the year.