Lidl Slovenija to Build a Logistics Centre Worth 70 Million Euros

Lidl Slovenija began construction of the largest logistics centre in the country with an area of 57 thousand m2 (a building) in the settlement of Arja Vas pri Žalcu. The need for construction is caused by the fact that the existing warehouse in the settlement of Komenda, which employs 120 people, does not meet the increased needs of the company. The whole territory of the logistics centre will occupy 13 hectares. The work budget is 70 million Euros. The opening of the centre will create 200 new work places. This is the largest economic investment project in the country in 2018.

15 Slovenian enterprises take part in the construction. The general contractor is CGP from Novo Mesto. Currently, most of the construction work is carried out by Toming Inženiring Velenje.

The works are conducted based on the principles of sustainable construction. A solar electric generating station with a capacity of 1 MW will be installed on the roof of the building.

It should be noted the Lidl has been working in Slovenia since 2007. To date, 52 stores have been opened in the country employing 1,500 people. The Lidl Slovenija subsidiary company is part of the German trading network, which operates in 30 countries.