The Level of Confidence in Internet Shopping Grows in Slovenia

The share of online purchases gradually increases among the Slovenes. In 2015, 8–10% of Internet users were shopping online. A growing number of people make at least one online purchase per month. This is an evidence of the growing confidence in electronic commerce. On the other hand, there are doubts about the safety of shopping in the Internet.

According to Jelena Rašula, the head of the online marketing website, the Slovenes prefer domestic online shops. The Shopper’s Mind research, which the website holds in cooperation with the Valicon agency, shows that in 2015, almost half of all Slovenian online customers carried out transactions exclusively within Slovenia. “The reasons for such behaviour are different, but the basic ones refer to quite a wide selection of products in the Slovenian online stores, the ability of goods self-delivering, low refund charges, and technical support in the Slovenian language,” this is how Jelena Rašula explains the confidence in local online shops.

What Influences the Decision to Buy?

Price remains a key factor when making a purchase, but other aspects also play an important role in this process. According to the Shopper’s Mind research, about 60% of Slovenian online buyers note a good prices-quality ratio of products. Besides, the payment methods, delivery terms, and detailed description of goods also affect the choice of a place for shopping.

Since 1 September 2016, the Slovenian online retailers can get the national quality mark “Certified Shop” and the European quality mark EMOTA according to the evaluation of technical conformity of online shops with the European criteria of e-commerce and an analysis of customer satisfaction with online shops. To find out who the certified Slovenian online stores are, click here.

Anyone, who regularly makes purchases in the Internet, knows how important the safety is. Jasmina Mešić from SI-CERT, who advises users about safe online shopping, says that the number of Internet frauds increases. It should be borne in mind that people are more likely to buy and sell over the Internet as well as enjoy the services of Internet banking and mobile applications.

Jasmina Mešić believes that online shopping should pay more attention to security issues.

Trust in Online Shopping Is Growing

Jasmina Mešić notes that the overall level of confidence in online shopping is growing. “Statistics shows that the total number of Internet purchases is growing in both Slovenian and foreign online stores.” The SI-CERT task is to detect suspicious online stores, where you cannot even talk about e-commerce.

In the Shopper’s Mind research, the website confirms these findings. It contains data on the growth of Slovenian consumer confidence in electronic payments in the Internet. Since 2014, the number of electronic payments by a credit card has doubled. Thus, Slovenia successfully follows the trends of the developed European e-economy (

Learn more about the trust of Slovenian consumers in online shopping at the 5th Shopper’s Mind Ecommerce Day Conference, which will take place at the Crystal Palace in Ljubljana on 30 November. More than 160 experts in electronic sales will attend the event.