The Krško Nuclear Power Plant Is Put into Operation after Repair

The Krško NPP is re-opened after renovation, which was started on 1 October 2016. The repair was caused by deviation in the operation of two shut-off valves.

The gradual heating of the reactor and the preparation for launching began in late October. It is expected that all technical procedures will be completed on 9 November and the plant will be completely put into operation before the end of this week.

On 1 October, the NPP was disconnected from the power supply network, and the Chairman of the Krško Plant Stane Rožman said that the cost of repairs would make approximately 20 million euros. He explained that in the last 18 months the NPP demonstrated a stable operation without automatic stops and security failures. The power plant has reached a high level of nuclear safety and supplied 8.23 billion kWh of electricity.

Stane Rožman said that the Krško nuclear power plant would soon have a control inspection by the experts of the World Association of Nuclear Power Plant Operators (WANO). In 2017, it will pass the examination of the international Emergency Preparedness Review Service (EPREV) mission, which will test its readiness for a case of nuclear disaster at the local and state levels.