Kranj Students Implemented Successfully the Erasmus+ Project – Cultural Harmony of Our Differences

On 17–24 September 2018, Kranj students accepted peers from Latvia, Poland, Spain and Italy in the framework of the Erasmus+ project Cultural Harmony of Our Differences (CHORD). The event was organized by the Kranj Student Club. The project was implemented with financial support from the EU.

Students got to know each other, studied folk dances and songs of their countries, tried traditional dishes. The cultures of the participating countries were studied in the format of creative workshops on theatrical and musical improvisation.

Project participants made a visit to the Mayor Boštjan Triller, with whom they discussed issues of youth participation and status in social processes in different countries. The students also visited the Korak Centre, took part in a Radio Kranj programme and examined the catacombs under the old part of Kranj. In addition, students took part in a creative workshop for the manufacture of cajons[*] and learned to play them. During the final event, besides folk dances and songs, original songs were performed in 8 languages.

The young guests of Kranj were delighted with the city. According to them, the locals can be justly proud of their homeland. The majority of the foreign participants expressed a desire to return to Slovenia in the future, due to both its beauty and the friendly relations established during the past week.


[*] Cajon is a percussion musical instrument originating from Peru. It is a box of wood or other materials.