Kranj Launches a Unique Campaign “Wednesdays without Euros”

In the municipality of Kranj, a campaign was launched to increase the tourist interest in the historic centre of the city called “Wednesdays without Euros.”

Within the framework of this campaign, a free payment means will be introduced in several institutions of the tourism industry. This will be a special coupon that can be taken at a stand in the city administration on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With the help of this free coupon, on Wednesdays, you can order coffee, juice, wine and beer, as well as some desserts (more than 20 desserts and drinks within the current assortment).

According to the representatives of the municipality, in this way guests of the tourism industry institutions located in the historical centre of Kranj will be able to spend time with their friends on Wednesdays “without a euro in their pocket.”

Currently, the campaign is supported by 6 institutions: Mitnica Bar, Evropa Café and Confectionery, Carniola Café, Mayr Bar, Cafe Galerija Pungert and Klubar.

It should be noted that the tourism industry is of primary importance for Slovenia. Last year, the revenues to the treasury of the country from the visits of foreign tourists exceeded 2 billion euros. In local universities, there are many study programmes for training professionals in tourism. The academic curriculum pays great attention to practice in Slovenian tourism companies. Practitioners who have extensive experience in the tourism industry read lectures.