Kobarid Strudel (Kobariški štruklji)



  1. 300 g baked walnuts (poured with hot milk),
  2. 150–200 g raisins soaked in water and rum,
  3. 300 g dry bread crumbs fried in butter,
  4. 200 g sugar,
  5. 2 tbsp melted butter,
  6. cinnamon to taste,
  7. 2 tbsp cocoa powder,
  8. grated lemon peel,
  9. 1–2 tbsp rum,
  10. vanilla sugar.


  1. 1 kg fine flour,
  2. 30–40 g slightly salted boiling water.
  3. Sprinkling:
  4. 100 g butter,
  5. 70 g white bread crumbs,
  6. sugar.  


Mix all the stuffing ingredients to a thick mass. Pour flour with salted boiling water, knead the dough (stir the hot dough with a spoon, then knead with hands). Roll out the dough, give it a roller shape and cut it into equal parts.

Make small pockets of a rounded shape and put the stuffing inside. Sprinkle hands with flour and shape a semicircle (like for ravioli), joining the dough edges.

Cook in salted boiling water. When the pockets come to the surface, cook them for one more minute. Cover with melted butter, sprinkle with dry bread crumbs and sugar.

Source: zadovoljna.si