KLS Ljubno Company Receives the Ernst and Young Award

A few days ago, the KLS Ljubno family company received a special award for excellent work from Ernst and Young at the World Forum of Family Companies in Monaco.

KLS Ljubno is the leading manufacturer of gears for the automotive industry with more than 40 years of experience. The Company occupies more than 60% of the European market and 15% of the world market in its niche.

The Company’s production capacity is 30 thousand square metres. It employs 240 people. Last year, the Company received 42 million euros in revenue. According to its owner and leader Bogomir Strašek, the corporate culture of KLS Ljubno is based on self-esteem and “proceeds from the fact that first you need to respect yourself, because those who respect themselves respect other people too.”

Bogomir Strašek leads the Company together with two daughters and their husbands. Asked how in just two generations to make a company the leader in the automotive industry, he mentions that the most important factors are the investment in development, innovative approach as well as bold, but realistic goals.

Employees feel the growth of the Company and its successes through the annual salary increase, which is now 22% higher than the national average, says the labour union leader Sebastijan Levar.

Their products are installed in the engines of more than 30 major automotive brands in the world. Last year, KLS Ljubno received 120 thousand euros of additional value per each employee. “Today, we have 150 robots at our disposal that already work for us,” says the Executive Manager for Production and Information Technologies Samo Mirnik and adds that they plan to increase this figure.

Source: rtvslo.si