Innovations Are Integral to Progress

The TPV Group is guided by this principle. The Company is active in the international market, being the leading supplier for the automotive industry. The Group, in addition to the parent company in Novo Mesto, also includes such subsidiaries as TPV Avto, TPV Center, TPV Prikolice and TPV Šumadija.

The Group seeks to offer effective production and logistics solutions, develop new ideas, projects and end products. According to its Chief Manager, Marko Gorjup, the state policy in the field of taxation contributes to the investment operations of companies, in particular, investments in research and development, which positively affects the competitiveness of Slovenian companies in the international market. According to the representatives of the Group, the opportunities for progress in this area are based on a more stable tax policy and the active participation of corporate groups in the reform of tax legislation.

In 2017, the Group’s total income amounted to 153 million EUR, which is 13 million EUR more than in 2016. The Group’s net profit last year was 3.3 million EUR, which is 2 times higher than in 2015.

Last year, the Group’s management allocated 7.5 million EUR for the research and development activities. In 2018, the Group plans to spend a similar amount for the specified purposes.