Information Technology and Education — Easier Does Not Always Mean Better: Personal Opinion

Education is a fundamental element of our society. Technology has become an integral part of our everyday life. Contemporary film industry shows us robots and flying cars. Smart homes have become a reality. In her article, the editor of Dijak 2019 magazine Maja Markovic reflects on the possible impact of said innovations on the today’s education.

Online lectures are gradually becoming part of the academic process. Access to information is greatly simplified. Online lectures allow that we adapt our schedule and listen to interesting lectures at any convenient time receiving the necessary information. On the other hand, communication is becoming more complicated because we cannot raise our hands and ask a question. We also do not have the opportunity to better absorb the material through personal experience and inclusion. The lack of direct communication with the teacher sometimes makes it difficult for students to understand the study material. Of course, Markovic writes, there is an alternative – Skype and similar resources. However, everyone who have once used these apps knows that the quality of communication sometimes leaves much to be desired, especially if a large number of people participate in one online conference.

In the future, the role of artificial intelligence will increase significantly. Robots curators, robots tutors, robots waiters will become common in our lives. But who can guarantee that they will not swallow us completely? Are high technologies really able to make everyday life easier for us, as laptops, tablets, smartphones, for example, do? Most importantly, are they able to improve the quality of training, the productivity of working with information, the speed of achieving results, the journalist asks.

All these questions are rhetorical. Do not forget that it “easier” does not always means “better.” Education is a privilege and there is nothing wrong with learning in an old fashioned way. The main thing is motivation, zeal, dedication, the relevance of which is timeless, the author of the article summarises.