Information for Entrants: The Second Round of Submitting Applications to the FUDS Faculty Starts Soon!

From 22 August 2018, the second round of submitting applications to the Faculty of Applied Social Studies (FUDS) of the University of Nova Gorica will start.

Programmes (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) of this faculty provide for the study of political science, economics, sociology, basics of law, general psychology, computer science, fundamentals of entrepreneurship, and other academic subjects. Students can also study culture and religion, political marketing, business ethics, information systems, and E-business as optional subjects. If you are socially active, not indifferent to the problems of modern society and strive to make this world better, then FUDS will be an excellent choice for you!

The University of Nova Gorica is a private university with state accreditation, which is one of the leading universities in the world. Graduates of this university receive diplomas valid in the countries of the European Union. The University in Nova Gorica takes part in the international exchange programme Erasmus+, so that students of the FUDS Faculty could study in various European countries.

If for some reason you did not apply for the first round of the university admission campaign, then right now you have a perfect chance to become a student of this prestigious university in the current academic year!

It should be borne in mind that the deadline for application is limited to one week, so it is important not to make any mistakes when submitting documents. The 2TM experts will help you do everything quickly and correctly. You can receive an advice on the admission issues right now!