Information for Entrants: Faculty of Applied Social Studies at the University of Nova Gorica

The University of Nova Gorica is one of the world’s leading universities. This fact is confirmed by its high 203rd place in the prestigious Round University Ranking (RUR). The only private university in Slovenia has state accreditation. Graduates of the University in Nova Gorica receive diplomas valid in all countries of the European Union. The Faculty of Applied Social Studies (FUDS) enjoys growing popularity among Slovenian and foreign applicants.

Training in the programmes of this faculty makes it possible to master modern professions that are in demand on the European labour market. In the process of learning, students receive knowledge and competence, which allows them to cope successfully with professional challenges. Graduated specialists, trained according to the study programmes of the faculty, can be employed with state institutions, large business structures, and public organizations.

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Knowledge and Competences of the FUDS Faculty Graduates

The Faculty of Applied Social Studies enrols young people who show interest in the contemporary society and its problems. The programmes of this faculty provide for the study of political science, economics, sociology, basics of law, general psychology, computer science, fundamentals of entrepreneurship, and other academic subjects. Students can also study culture and religion, political marketing, business ethics, information systems, and E-business as optional subjects.

Graduates of the FUDS Faculty have a great deal of theoretical knowledge and professional competence. They are well aware of all existing social systems and laws of public life. Graduated specialists are able to analyse the processes occurring in modern society, to explore political, economic and cultural problems and to find ways for their settlement. Graduates of the faculty possess developed communication skills, including skills in communication within the international environment.

Academic Degrees and Programmes of the FUDS Faculty

The Faculty of Applied Social Studies trains students in three stages: Bachelor’s degree (3 years, 6 semesters), Master’s degree (2 years, 4 semesters), and PhD degree (3 years, 6 semesters).

Bachelor’s training is carried out at the FUDS Faculty under three study programmes: Applied Social Studies, Social Management, and Psychosocial Assistance. At the second stage of studies, students wishing to obtain a Master’s degree are offered two programmes: Intercultural Management and Psychosocial Assistance. PhD training is conducted in accordance with the Sociology study programme. All study programmes offered by the FUDS Faculty are socially significant.

The language of instruction is either Slovenian or English. Each programme of the faculty is aimed at students’ acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in research work. The University of Nova Gorica cooperates with the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts as well as with the leading sociological centres of the country. Students of this university can study simultaneously under two programmes receiving a diploma in two chosen majors.

Additional Opportunities for Students

The University of Nova Gorica takes part in the international exchange programme Erasmus+. FUDS students can leave to study for Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, Croatia or any other European country. Such programmes can last from 3 months to 1 year. Studies at the Slovenian University offer great opportunities for participation in various national and international projects.

Advantages of Studying at the FUDS Faculty

The University of Nova Gorica is a young, dynamically developing educational institution. By studying here, students acquire modern knowledge, practical experience and professional competencies. The Faculty of Applied Social Studies employs highly qualified teachers, the majority of whom are professors. The ratio of students and professors at the university is 5 to 1. This is one of the best indicators among universities all over the world.

Classes in the FUDS Faculty are conducted in small groups. This provides for an individual approach to each student. Teachers of the faculty perfectly know their students, their individual characteristics, capabilities and interests. Individual approach is an important means of stimulating the independent work of students, which improves the efficiency of mastering academic subjects.

The Faculty of Applied Social Studies has a modern educational and resource base. E-learning is actively integrated into the educational process. As many foreign students study at the faculty, a diverse linguistic and cultural environment is formed here. Studying in this Slovenian university will be very useful, including in terms of the opportunity to gain invaluable experience of communication with peers from different countries.

Prospects for Employment after Graduation

The Faculty of Applied Social Studies has its own Career Centre. Its functions include advising students on employment in Slovenia and abroad, organizing excursions to enterprises and companies of the region, helping them establish business contacts with potential employers. According to the Career Centre, in 2017, 93% of graduates of the FUDS Faculty were employed.

After completing their studies under the Applied Social Studies Bachelor’s degree programme, young specialists, as a rule, are hired as sociologists. In European countries, various state bodies, business structures and non-profit organizations are involved in sociological studies. Therefore, graduates of the FUDS Faculty are in great demand on the labour market.

The Social Management Bachelor’s degree programme gives an opportunity to apply after graduation for a position of manager in a company dealing with marketing research or any other types of studies. Certified experts in social management are in high demand in the labour market. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in the Social Management or Applied Social Studies programme, students can continue their studies by entering the second stage of training.

Graduates of the FUDS Faculty, who were trained under the Psychosocial Assistance Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme, are employed in social and psychosocial services. These specialists can provide the necessary professional support to children, adolescents with deviant behaviour, spouses facing family problems, elderly people, people with disabilities, people who served sentences in prisons and other categories of the population.

Graduates with a Master’s degree obtained at the FUDS Faculty, being prone to scientific research, can enter a PhD study programme. Enrolment to the third stage of studies involves choosing one of three sociological sub-disciplines: Political Sociology, Economic Sociology or Sociology of Culture. Doctoral studies end with the defense of thesis. After that, graduates can find work in a scientific sociological centre or become a teacher of sociology.

We draw your attention to the fact that the university admission campaign for the 2018/2019 academic year is still under way. You have time to apply for a desired study programme at the FUDS Faculty. However, it should be remembered that independent application to the university is associated with numerous difficulties. You can enjoy real opportunities for studying in Slovenia with the help of experienced assistants working in the 2TM Company. Contact our experts!

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