In Less than a Week 2TM Breaks a New Record

Ljubljana, 29.01.2021 – On the 28th of January 2021 2TM organized a Webinar on the topic “Advantages of studying in Slovenia” for prospective Serbian students. The event was held at 17:00 CET and was attended by 100 future students from Serbia, setting a new record attendance for company Webinars.

© Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay/In Less than a Week 2TM Breaks a New Record

Just this week the company had announced a record participation for its Macedonian Webinar where 83 future students have attended. The attendance was yesterday broken by the Serbian Webinar.

2TM has been organizing a series of FREE Webinars since September 2020 on the topic “Studying in Slovenia”. Until now, 2TM has successfully organized tens of Webinars where hundreds of future students have already attended. The company is expected to organize Webinar events in cooperation with universities and deans of faculties to jointly present study programmes and benefits of studying in Slovenia.

For all those interested to attend our Webinars, please see our schedule of Webinar events and write to us on to register.