Immigration to Europe

The Main Advantages of Immigration to Slovenia

The article will be useful to anyone who is in the process of decision-making on immigration in Europe and chooses the right country for moving.

The first thing that a person ready to immigration makes is evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of potential countries to reside. In our opinion, Slovenia is a decisive winner according to the number of benefits. Here is the reason why.

Number of Population

Countries and cities with a large territory and high population density are undoubtedly favourable in their own way. They possess everything: dynamic pace of life, access to all benefits and pleasures, constant communication, and lots of social ties.

However, a bustling metropolis often means more than simply great opportunities. Usually, it also means restlessness, constant traffic jams, eternal haste and in many cases stress. A desire to be in time at every turn, an exhausting achievement drive that starts from school and continues at the university and at work, daily multi-kilometre trips, which “eat” your own time—this is the pace, in which almost no time is left for personal needs, family, hobbies and leisure.

Slovenia managed to combine all the features of a big city, professional development and personal fulfilment, while maintaining a healthy interest in hobbies, ability to relax, and time for personal life. High popularity of a wide range of different kinds of sport, travel affordability and availability of free time for all these activities make the Slovenes a bit more happy, free and peaceful. “Work is only part of a human life,” the Slovenes comply with this rule thoroughly and persistently.

An average Slovene ends his working day at 4:00 p.m. and afterwards he is left to his own devices, his family and personal matters. Walks, outings, trips to museums and sporting facilities—all these is a permanent weekly plan of each Slovene.

Market Analysis

If you plan to do business in the country, to which you are going to immigrate, of course, you should study specific features of the market and its volumes.

Big market is always a big benefit for a businessperson. A well-established and large-scale sales market as well as large cash flows make the country rich in such opportunities more attractive to investments. Of course, it is also worth evaluating the accompanying costs, payroll demands of employees, taxes, and most importantly the ability to introduce a new product or service to the market. An ability combining smartly business ideas with market laws of the selected country is an important task before making a decision.

Slovenia, due to its geographical location, has excellent commercial and economic relations with such neighbouring countries as Austria, Italy, Croatia, Germany, and the entire EU as a whole. Therefore, the preliminary market analysis usually helps positively assess the potential business opportunities in Slovenia. A small size of a country does not necessarily mean weak market relations. Lower rental costs, high responsibility and qualification of labour forces, fair competition, adequate taxes, as well as a real chance to take a unique niche and become the best (and sometimes the only) in specific field, an opportunity to develop a small family business, or even an already available network business, if it has been launched beforehand in another country—all these are the features that are available on the Slovenian market for experienced entrepreneurs and newcomers in business. In Slovenia, there are all possibilities for the development and good potential for market expansion.

Culture and Society

Indeed an important and difficult issue consists in integrating into a country with a single national culture or choosing a multicultural country with the system of interactions between different cultural groups, where you can become part of a well-functioning communication mechanism.

Multicultural countries adhere to the policy of tolerance regarding different nationalities, religions and cultural communities. Their residents do not have to overcome the difficulties of immersion into an established society with a single worldview, they have been used to loyalty and respect since childhood.

When moving to any country, whatever it may be, it is important to consider the attitude of the indigenous population to what you are true. The Slovenes, from the side of both the people and the state, are open-minded and tolerant. Any opinion has the right to exist, except for aggression and violence. At the same time, the way of life and thinking of the Slovenes is open to understanding and perception, which also affects the speed of integration and comfort in communication.


In modern society, the desire to live in security comes to the forefront and becomes almost a decisive factor when choosing a country for immigration.

Is it safe to live in Slovenia? To be substantive, here are several obvious facts: Slovenia became 12th in the global ranking of countries security Numbeo being ahead of Finland, Germany, Sweden, France and England, as well as 10th according to the Global Peace Index, which assesses compliance with 23 safety factors both within the country and in the international arena.

In the country, they pay much attention to comfort and peace, and continue reducing the already low level of crime. Of course, the locals themselves help to achieve these goals. Those who come to Slovenia from other countries harmoniously merge in this society and accept these rules, get used to such protection and carefully maintain it themselves. After all, family security remains in the first place for every person.

If you wake up in the morning and realize that you quietly fell asleep before your adolescent children had returned home after an evening walk, it means you live in Slovenia.

Core Values

Each of us has his or her own system of values, the compliance with which we would like to find in the culture of the country, where we plan to live.

If family, healthy lifestyle and respect for your rights and freedoms have always been a priority for you, then Slovenia would be an excellent choice. The time spent with the beloved ones, from joint entertainment to hiking in the mountains, from a simple human communication to constant readiness for mutual assistance, is especially valuable for the Slovenes.

Moreover, providing the public with an active and happy leisure time is achieved due to regular sports activities, such as rafting and kayaking, paragliding, skiing, sanatorium recreation, cycling, and of course usual jogging in the park. All these enrich the healthy system of values ​​of the Slovenia’s residents. Even in the smallest village, it is easy to find a swimming pool, a good sports ground and a soccer field. The Government annually invests an impressive amount of funds in the development of sports, health care and ecology in Slovenia, which once again confirms the unity of interests between the state and ordinary people.

Besides, one should also remember that there is a sea in Slovenia, where you can come with your family or a group of friends to relax and unwind, just to spend time together.

Language Integration and Education

Through language we can learn the culture and the mentality of any country. Perhaps, it is the closeness of the neighbours of different language cultures that makes the Slovenes particularly loyal in communication and ready to master different languages ​​starting from primary school and throughout their life. No one will force you to speak only the Slovenian language. English, German, Italian—an average Slovene starts learning two or more languages since childhood ​​and is used to switching between them in everyday communication.

The Slovenian language itself belongs to the Slavic language group and, of course, has its difficulties, but generally, it is easy enough to study. On average, right after 4–6 months of learning the language thoroughly, immigrants can communicate fairly well in everyday life. Depending on your native language, you will start understanding Slovenian after 1–3 months of permanent residence in the country.

When it comes to education, which is important for the majority of people moving to Slovenia, we can mention its high level and a special system based on the harmonious combination of classical academic approach and best practical application, when graduates are not just studying a subject, but they know exactly where and how to apply it successfully. This concerns secondary, vocational and higher education. In Slovenia, you can be sure that your child receives a European education of high quality, no matter in what part of the country he or she studies—in the capital city or in a small town.

Instead of Conclusion

We do not want to exaggerate or embellish peculiarities of Slovenia, no matter how much we would love this country. Selecting a location for a future life is a responsible and in some way an intimate process, which should not be interfered from outside. Since any choice refers to personal feelings. Therefore, our review is based on both the personal perception and the real facts about Slovenia. It is just a slight assistance in getting another opinion about this interesting and surprisingly diverse country. However, the final choice is to be made by you.

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