Hidria Develops a New Lightweight Hybrid System for the Renault Models

The Slovenian company Hidria has developed a hybrid ignition system as an alternative to the classic motor starter for the two Renault models — Nova Scenic and Grand Scenic. This system reduces the fuel consumption and the content of harmful substances in the exhaust.

The new hybrid ignition system for vehicles provides extra power when accelerating. It also acts as a generator and produces electricity during braking or downhill driving without pressing the accelerator pedal. At this time, it charges the accumulators needed to run the car’s engine. The Hidria Company has already manufactured the basic elements of the electric motor and the aluminium housing for its new development. Until the end of this year, the Scenic and Grand Scenic minivans with diesel engines will be equipped with the development of the Slovenian engineers.

Reducing Fuel Consumption and Level of Pollutants

The Hidria Company representatives assure that with the new hybrid system, the diesel versions of Scenica and Grand Scenica will consume less fuel—about 3.5 litres per 100 kilometres. In addition, the concentration of harmful substances in the exhaust will decrease. If now both diesel versions of these brands emit 120 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre, this indicator will therefore be reduced to 92 grams per 100 km in the new versions.

Hidria Is an Important Supplier of Environmentally Friendly (“Green”) Drives

The Slovenian company Hidria also produces coolant heaters for diesel engines and the best eco-innovation in 2016 among the products for the European automotive industry—a cold start system of diesel engines with the Optymus PSG pressure sensors. Hidria cooperates with Daimler, Porsche, the PSA Concern and other giants of the global automotive industry.

Source: siol.net