Gorazd Trušnovec: Rent Honeycombs and Get Your Own “Urban” Honey

At least 10 kg of honey per year. It is also possible to acquire other bee-farming products and “team building”.

Ljubljana. Ecological “green” ideas can become a helping hand for business. For example, some time ago, an urban beekeeper Gorazd Trušnovec invented a honeycomb rental service in cities for those people who would like to have “urban” honey in their own gardens or on balconies.

“The business idea transformed itself from a hobby. In addition to financial costs, I had to devote the lion’s share of time, energy and knowledge to the new business. Now the service is more of “boutique” nature. However, I do not exclude the possibility of its growth, and it suits me, as I myself am in control of the entire process. I also had to gain additional knowledge in several aspects of doing business,” Gorazd Trušnovec tells about starting his business.

He is especially grateful to his friends who advised him to raise the price for this service because the demand exceeded his wildest expectations. “To be honest, my family is my greatest helper since they understand the fact that today we do not have time for vacations and holidays,” Trušnovec adds.


Source: delo.si