GEA College Invites to a Free Neural Management Webinar

On 11 October 2019 at 01:30 p.m., GEA College (Ljubljana, Dunajska cesta, 156) will hold a free webinar on Neuromanagement: How Can Neurology Help Motivate Employees and Develop Leadership Skills.

The webinar will be conducted by an employee of Harvard Medical School, Dr Carlos Davidovich (Canada, Argentina), a specialist in Neuromanagement and Neuromarketing with over 20 years of experience. He applies his knowledge in medicine, psychology and entrepreneurship, teaching in different countries of the world, including the Future Leaders MBA programme at GEA College.

During the webinar, its participants will learn about the Neuromanagement and its impact on the organisation’s management process; will find that there are several types of brain activity in business; will learn about the power of emotions within organisation and the role of self-control in work; and will also receive information about the NeuroLeadership programme implemented at GEA College.