GEA College Holds a Contest of Student Presentations of the Lassana Brand

In May 2019, the Second Student Contest aimed at the online promotion of the Lassana brand among young people aged 16 to 25 was held at GEA College. The contest was attended by full-time and part-time students of the second and third years of study under the Entrepreneurship study programme.

The contestants were to submit their business solutions to the customer within 10 minutes in a short presentation format. The customer was the jury composed of Lassana representatives – Director Dr David Cukjati, Vanja Mavri and Aleša Murn, as well as employees of the GEA College, Sandra Kecman and Rok Koželj.

The victory in the competition was celebrated by the 4 STAR Team (Katja Krabonja, Peter Romih, Žiga Vidic, and Gregor Čič). According to the jury, the 4 STAR Team accurately followed the instructions of the customer, correctly distributed the funds, and, most importantly, when planning the communication strategy, the team focused on emotions that encourage the customer to make a decision. The team invited the company representatives to highlight the profiles of their hairdressers in order to better associate them with a potential client. The team gave perfect reasons for its proposals. Its participants effectively used entrepreneurial thinking and Internet marketing skills. It should be added that student contests are a good example of how students solve real problems of companies and thus gain invaluable experience.