Foreign Tourists about Slovenia: The Widest Variety Within a Tiny Area

Slovenia lies between the Alps, the Mediterranean, Karst and Pannonia, offering various leisure activities to all tastes – the vibrant life rhythm of cities, the healing power of mineral springs, the beauty of the underworld, mountain peaks and the sea coast. Such a wide variety within such a tiny area naturally attracts attention of tourists.

The streets of Škofja Loka, an ancient city in the Gorenjska region, are taken by the Walsh family from Texas, a group of Catalan tourists and a young couple from Belgium. We asked them why they had chosen Slovenia as a place to rest, what the country offered to them, and what surprises they had?

According to the guests from Texas, Slovenia is a well-groomed country with beautiful underground caves, dense forests, crystal-emerald water and hospitable people.

The guests from Catalonia, Lurdes Comas, Teresa Vidal and Teresa Rocamora, visit Slovenia for the second time already. They are interested in its story of struggling for independence. In Slovenia, guests feel free and safe. As the Catalan tourists told us, they had already visited Piran, Postojna, Ljubljana and Bled. Being fans of quality food, they order traditional Slovenian dishes in each city they visit.

The Belgians Bertrand Mathy and Celine Pignolet every year try to visit a new country. This year, they want to travel for 11 days along and across Slovenia. The couple has already visited Ljubljana, Piran, Maribor, and Ptuj. Today they are resting in Škofja Loka, and then they will visit Bled and Bohinj. According to them, the local people are very caring and with a good sense of humour. Prices in Slovenia are very low. As the guests from Belgium stressed, in the future they would necessarily return to Slovenia again – not only because of the country itself, but also thanks to the Bled’s Kremšnite cakes, which turned out to be above all praise.