For Tourists: Jezersko – A Fairy Land in the Arms of High Mountains

Jezersko is one of the Slovenian municipalities located near the Austrian border. In fact, the border between Slovenia and Austria is considered to be the local Jezersko pass (in Slovenian: Jezerski Vrh) with the height of 1,218 metres above sea level known since the ancient Roman times. A picturesque Alpine village of Zgornje Jezersko is located just seven kilometres away from the pass. The local cafe is famous for its aromatic coffee and cremeschnittes – the famous puff pastry cakes with whipped cream and custard.

Jezersko is a land with many water bodies. Three water sources are especially known – the local lake, the source of the Jezernica River, and the source of the Kokra River. The Ankov and Čedca waterfalls are also popular among tourists.

The Kokra River is the left tributary of the Sava River (in Kranj). It traces its roots just below the border ridge of the Karavanke Mountains. Jezernica is its left tributary. At one time, the Čedca waterfall was considered the highest waterfall in Slovenia.

In addition to a large number of natural attractions, there are many no less interesting cultural sites in Jezersko. They include the Jenkova Kasarna Museum, the Zadnikar Gallery, the Krtina partisan hospital, the stone, which was used as a place for making oaths by local medieval rulers, as well as two churches – the Old Church and the St. Andrew’s Church.

Jezersko is also a popular cycling destination and a great starting point for mountain climbing. If you are not interested in sights, you can always climb one of the local peaks and enjoy the fresh mountain air and breathtaking views of the Alps. One of the suitable options is climbing to the Czech Lodge at Spodnje Ravni (in Slovenian: Češka koča na Spodnjih Ravneh), which will take you about two hours. If you are in good physical shape and you have about 2.5 hours of free time, you can conquer another local peak – Virnikov Grintavec. Important: the best time to visit the local beauties is spring and summer.

Jezersko is also famous for its cultural events, the most famous of which is the annual traditional Sheep Ball, which takes place in August. The fact is that the residents of the municipality have been engaged in sheep farming since ancient times, and the Sheep Ball is dedicated to the old customs of peasant life in the mountains. During the event, its guests can learn about the old days’ shepherd traditions, how to tend sheep to a mountain meadow and return them home, how to manually process sheep’s wool, etc. Thus, you will definitely never be bored while resting in Jezersko!