Five Adventures in Slovenia That Make You Fall in Love with Winter

Those who come to Slovenia in summer will never recognise this green country in winter, and vice versa. In winter, surrounded by the Alps and rich in plains, Slovenia shimmers with a thousand shades of white.

This is a real paradise for lovers of mountain skiing because you can enjoy the true snow and relax among the snow-capped peaks. Slovenian ski resorts offer their visitors more than 300 kilometres of tracks, which are located a maximum of one hour’s drive from big cities. Some tips can be found in a specific booklet. Meantime, another 4 winter adventures, which cannot be forgotten, are presented below.

Heli-skiing: To the Wild Peaks – By Helicopter!

The long tradition of skiing in Central Europe and other snow funs have always served as an inspiration for creating new entertainments in Slovenia. The most daring skiers claim that no feeling in the world can be compared to skiing down the virginal snows among the untouched spirit of mountains. Let you become a bit creasy from pleasure and ringing silence among the high-mountain snow, in those places that are conquered by climbers in the summer! In just a few minutes, a helicopter delivers brave athletes from Bled to the mountain top, from which the backcountry heli-skiing begins.

Among the curves of Mount Kanin in the Julian Alps or Table Mountain, the highest point of the Karavanke Mountains, you can leave your most beautiful trace drawing it with a ski track. Far from the crowds and pace of a big city, you can feel yourself alone with nature.

Climbing the Frozen Waterfalls

The well-studied mountain landscape, the abundance of water sources and low temperatures in winter contribute to the formation of incredible ice sculptures in Slovenia, which were cleverly converted by climbers into yet another plane waiting to be conquered. Every winter, frozen waterfalls appear in the mountain valleys, taking on the most bizarre forms and offering different levels of difficulty, which allows both beginners and professional athletes to try overcoming the ascent.

It is possible to check the limits of your stamina in the town of Mojstrana near the Kranjska Gora, where a complex of three waterfalls for climbing is annually available, each from 15 to 30 metres in width and up to 40 metres in height. The top rope guarantees 100% safety, giving the climbers a sense of freedom during the ascent. The required special equipment includes cramps, an ice axe, a helmet and warm clothes.

Snow Bike: Adrenaline, Fun and Safety!

How about a bicycle in winter? Excellent routes for winter riding are made in valleys. Thrill seekers are invited to try themselves in snow biking.

Instead of wheels, this hybrid of a bicycle and a snowboard has skis attached. Instead of pedals, you have to rely on your own sense of balance, riding down the slopes of Kranjska Gora. It is better to put on a suit. However, during a descent, it is hardly possible to freeze.

Snow Rafting

Instead of a mountain river, you will enjoy snow-capped peaks; instead of a real raft, you will have its mini version accommodating from 4 to 6 people. You can try snow rafting in the Logar Valley. Forget about sledges! Sit on an inflatable boat and let the local terrain guide you!

This kind of entertainment is better to experience in the company of good friends. Do not forget to take photos for memory!