Festival of Chocolate to Take Place in Radovljica

The Seventh Festival of Chocolate will take place in Radovljica this weekend. The event is organised by the representatives of the local tour operator Turizem Radovljica. The arrival of 50,000 guests is expected. The total budget of the event is 190,000 euros.

During the festival, 47 exhibitors, the majority of which are local producers, will present chocolate and other sweets. The highlight of the assortment will be the honey chocolate made in honour of the International Bee Day first celebration. The current festival will traditionally feature a giant chocolate bar. The masters of the Gorenjka Confectionary will make a 96-kilogram chocolate bar for the guests of the festival. In addition to a variety of treats, the festival programme includes a 30-minute demonstration of the chocolate preparation process arranged in cooperation with the Hiša Eksperimentov organization.

Besides, guests of the festival will enjoy creative workshops for children, concerts of famous performers and other cultural and entertainment events. A 120-page book by Andraž Briški Javor has been published especially for the festival. It reveals the secrets of producing chocolate and the culture of its eating.

During the festival in Radovljica, the movement of road transport will be restricted. Unilateral movement mode will temporarily operate in the city.

Source: delo.si