Fans of Adventure Holidays Bathe in the Sea in Portorož

About 650 lovers of extreme holidays met the New Year in Portorož and, despite the rain, bathed in the sea at +12 ºС. The ‘Športno Društvo Slovenc’ event has taken place for the 14th time.

According to the representative of the organisers, Nino Cokan, such temperature is not an obstacle.

“Everyone is smiling, is in a good mood, and this is the main thing. To start the New Year with positive energy, having managed to conquer the cold sea. If we do it on the first day of the New Year, then everything else will be much easier,” he says.

Preliminary data of the organisers indicate that this year, 70% more people than in 2017 took part in the event. These record numbers are far from the limit. Next year, the organisers expect to reach the figure of one thousand people.