Famous Slovenian Writer and Publicist Boris Pahor Celebrates his 105th Anniversary

An outstanding Slovenian writer, publicist and patriot Boris Pahor celebrated his 105th birthday in Koper. On the eve of this date, he noted, “I have proposed to the European Parliament that humanity join forces and find a way to give its life some meaning. So that no living creature in the world who calls itself a man were hungry or thirsty.

When asked about the recipe for such a long and busy life, the writer modestly replies that he likes to go to the mountains every day, prepares lunch and dinner himself, and does what he likes and enjoys.

Boris Pahor, despite his advanced age, retains a clear mind and critical thinking. “When I wrote, I had one my foot chained to the writing desk leg,” he says about his vocation.

During his long life, Boris Pahor has experienced much. “I managed to survive in a concentration camp, to endure the disease,” he notes. “Every day of my life, I bow to its mystery,” he adds, expressing the idea that his life is like the God, the Nature, the Universe for him. Something he really believes in.

Source: siol.net