Expert Opinion: Economic Stability Contributes to the Growth of Slovenian Population, Including Due to the Influx of Foreign Citizens

According to the Statistics Service, as of July 2019, 2,089,310 people live in Slovenia. Over this year, the country’s population has increased by 19,260 people. Over the past 2 years, an increase made about 30 thousand people, according to the Statistics Service. Besides natural growth, migration also plays a significant role in the population growth. In particular, a lot of people come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia – the countries, with which Slovenia has agreements on a simplified procedure for employment of citizens.

Today, the total number of foreigners in Slovenia is 148,189 people, which makes over 7% of the total population. The economist Dr Rasto Ovin, the Dean of the DOBA Faculty, notes that Slovenia remains the object of migration for the residents of the Balkan countries, and in the near future its population will exceed 2.1 million. According to the economist, the share of foreigners in the country’s population structure today is at least twice as high as the official one.