Experiencing Japan, through student’s eyes

The department for international activities of the Student organization of the University of Primorska had organized an informal lecture “A student goes to Japan”, which was held on Wednesday, March 28 in the Student center UP (Čevljarska 27, Koper).

The event is first of four, on which Eva Mizerit, a student of Japanese and English studies at the Faculty of Arts at University of Ljubljana, will present everything that she learned on her study exchange, and compare it to Slovenian culture and tradition.

The attendees will be able to listen to different Japanese topics in comparison with Slovenia, followed by discussion of other countries, with all of the present.

The attendees will listen to following topics:

  1. 11.4.: Waste sorting from the crib on
  2. 25.4.: Golden week – Silver week
  3. 9.5.: I say wa and you say yo – Gendered expressions in Japanese

All enthusiasts over Japanese culture, and other interested as well, are welcome to join, to listen, and afterwards to give their opinion, to tell or to ask even more.

Sources: soup.si