Enrollment in Educational Institutions of Slovenia Is Still Ongoing!

Slovenia has a wide and varied choice of educational institutions and an excellent quality of education. The admission campaign in some educational institutions is still in full swing! You still have time to enter a university in Slovenia for this academic year!

We have discussed the advantages of studying in Slovenia several times. They include, for example, an absence of entrance examinations for the majority of study programmes, and a residence permit for the period of studies, and a possibility of official work-outs, and mastering of several foreign languages, and also discounts for food as well as an ocean of other discounts and benefits. The list can be further extended with the favourable environment in the country in terms of ecology, stability and security. Excellent climate and a possibility to ride a bicycle almost all year round. And most importantly, the diploma, which is awarded to a graduate of any educational institution in Slovenia, is recognized in all the states of the European Union, as well as in the United States. This means that a graduate of a Slovenian university or college can find a job and, accordingly, settle, for example, in America or any country in Europe with a decent salary and a high quality of life. Isn’t it cool? Yes, we confirm – it is very cool!

However, when deciding on enrolment in a Slovenian educational institution, students always have a lot of questions: how to study in another language, what programmes are better, what to choose based on the grades in the school certificate, are there dormitories in Slovenia, when is it better to apply, how much time is it necessary to prepare the documents, etc. The list of questions is sometimes endless. To answer all these questions, you have us – the Slovenian 2TM Company. We have many years of experience working with students from around the world and establishing contacts with educational institutions in Slovenia. We will help you to understand the nuances of each university or college, explain all the subtleties of preparing documents and control the timing of their receipt and submission to the faculties. We will find a foreign language teacher or choose language courses, we will do preliminary analysis of available places for the necessary study programme, even if you have decided to arrive in Slovenia only this morning. Even if you have turned to us too late, we will apply best efforts for you to be enrolled this year! We can even introduce you to those students who are already successfully studying in Slovenia, so that it would not be scary to come to another country without having friends. Yes, we can be proud of being one of the best professional agencies working in the sphere of Slovenian education. And yes, we are always ready to help any entrant with all the questions that may arise, even if it seems that the ship has sailed. Here it is – catch it!

All the interesting information regarding the questions of admission to the universities and colleges of Slovenia you can get from experts of the 2ТМ Company.

We look forward to seeing you!

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