Employment Service: Almost One Hundred Thousand Foreigners Accounts for Nine Hundred Thousand Working Citizens of Slovenia

The number of work permits issued to foreigners has doubled in recent years. According to the Employment Service, in January–October 2019, 35,990 work permits were issued to foreign specialists, while for the whole of 2018, the number of issued permits reached 38,983 pieces.

In January–October 2019, 13,858 work permits were issued to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina; 9,963 – Serbia; 7,277 – Kosovo; 2,369 – North Macedonia; 583 – Russia; 475 – Ukraine; 367 – China; and 166 – Montenegro. In October 2019, 6,862 foreigners were looking for work in Slovenia. In general, according to generalized data, almost 100 thousand foreigners accounts for 900 thousand working citizens of the country.

Over the past month, employers have opened 11,815 vacancies. Over 500 vacancies are open for cleaners, hospitality workers, truckers, manufacturing workers and more than 300 vacancies are provided for sellers, waiters and cooks.

The best prospects on the country’s labour market are guaranteed by the knowledge of the Slovenian language. It is noted that in the near future, the country’s parliament will consider a bill amending the Law on Regulation of the Labour Market, which, among other things, will tighten the requirements for foreign applicants in terms of knowledge of the Slovenian language. If changes are accepted, from the moment of registration with the Employment Service, foreign applicants will have 12 months to master the Slovenian language at a basic level. The costs of the course and the exam will be covered by the Employment Service. In case of failure to comply with this requirement, foreign applicants will be excluded from the official register of unemployed persons.

Source: delo.si