Employee of the University of Maribor Again Participates in the Dakar Rally

Simon Marčič, an assistant at the Faculty of Energy Technology, took part in the traditional Dakar Rally held in South America for the fourth time. The 40th traditional motor rally was held in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina from 6 on 20 January.

Marčič, as before, was the only representative of Slovenia at this competition. He took the 69th place in overall standings and the 13th place in his category.

As always, Simon Marčič competed in the most difficult category Originals, in which the rally participants are not supported by assistants.

He first participated in the rally in 2014. At that time, the employee of the University of Maribor had to leave the competition due to a wrist injury. In 2016, despite the shoulder injury, he completed the race being 79th in the overall standings. Last year, he again had to get off the road due to a severe injury of tibia and fibula. In spite of the fact that the injury forced Simon Marčič to miss several months of training, in 2018, he again had the courage to participate in the world’s most difficult rally.

Source: um.si