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The 2TM team supports the admission process and has helped over a thousand students from all over the world successfully enter the higher educational institutions of Europe. We make the whole process of entering a university as simple as possible for applicants: from the analysis of documents and individual selection of study programs to obtaining a residence permit based on training.

Benefits of studying in Germany

free studying in German or English

extension of a residence permit upon graduation from the university for the duration of the job search

admission without exams to most faculties

the possibility of work for students (up to 20 hours/week)

admission to universities 2 times a year

student bonuses

a wide range of study programs

the opportunity to win a scholarship

2TM is your trusted admission assistant

we help you choose a studienkolleg and prepare for admission

we offer several packages for admission to studienkollegs and universities

preparing for entrance exams online

we help with the translation and execution of documents

Working with us you get

up-to-date information

guaranteed enrollment

a clear strategy

support on all issues

Admission to the Studienkolleg

Studienkolleg – a preparatory year at German universities, necessary to compensate for the difference in German school systems and other countries. After studying at the Studienkolleg, foreign students will be able to enter German universities on an equal basis with local residents.

Stages of admission

Admission to Studienkolleg

1. Obtain a B1/B2 German language certificate

2. Choose a Studienkolleg and ask about admission requirements

3. Check the deadlines for admission to the selected Studienkollegs

4. School graduates – get a school certificate (technical school graduates – a technical school diploma) and study at least one year at the university

5. Collect and submit a complete package of documents

6. Pass the Studienkolleg entrance exams

The strategy for entering the university

1. Choose the specialty and university

2. Complete a Studienkolleg or at least two years of higher education in the home country in a specialty similar to the chosen one

3. If you graduate from a Studienkolleg, successfully pass the final exam, if you study at a university in your own country, get a C1 language certificate

4. Find out the deadlines for submitting documents

5. Check if the selected university works with uni-assist. If the university does not work according to this system, find out on its website the address of the international department for sending documents

6. Collect and send to the university a package of documents for admission

Support packages for admission to Studienkollegs and universities in Germany

Admission to the university
1790 €
The necessary set of services for successful admission to a university at an affordable price – we value your time
Admission to the university
2290 €
The optimal combination of cost and content of the package – for those who strive for the golden mean
Admission to the university
All inclusive
2990 €
Offer for those who do not want to worry about anything – all inclusive
1790 €
Everything you need for enrollment in the right time – we take care of all the bureaucracy
2790 €
Have not decided on a specialty yet, but want to be sure that everything is correct – this package is for you


What do you need to enter German universities?


After completing grade 11, you can join the Studienkolleg. For direct admission to a university (without a preparatory year in a Studienkolleg), you must:

• have a high school diploma

• complete at least one academic year at your “native” university (full-time) in the specialty that you will study at a German university

• know German at level C1 or higher

At what level do you need to know German? Do I need a language certificate for admission?


For admission to the Studienkolleg, you should focus on the B2 level, but for universities you need to be at the C1 level. Language knowledge must be supported by an appropriate certificate.

In some cases, you can apply for a B1 certificate, but then you will need to intensively prepare for the entrance exam.

I heard that education in Germany is free. It’s true?


It’s true. However, there is the concept of a student fee (about 250 € per semester). Housing and food, as well as insurance are paid independently.

Some universities may be paid for foreigners.

Can international students work while studying?


A visa issued to foreign students allows you to work for 20 hours / week – 360 days a year or 40 hours / week – 180 days a year.Student work is paid by the hour, the rate varies from 9 to about 17 euros per hour.

What documents are required for a Studienkolleg?


For admission to the Studienkolleg you will need:

• application form

• school certificate

• a certificate of passing the entrance exam to the university (for example, the Unified State Examination, ZNO or similar – if available)

• academic certificate from the university (if available)

• a certificate confirming language proficiency at a level not lower than B1 (depends on the requirements of a particular colleague and can reach up to C1 in some cases)

• in some cases – a biography, a motivation letter, a scan of the first page of a foreign passport, a photograph, a certificate of a test for a prof. orientation and so on

• additional documents may be required – for example, VPD

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