DOBA Faculty – 70% of Academic Time Is Dedicated to Specific Business Cases

The efficiency of study programmes and courses is one of the key study features at the DOBA Faculty. In total, 70% of the time allocated to a specific subject is devoted to studying certain business cases and preparing applicative projects. This is stated in a message posted on the website of the educational institution.

Thus, as part of the subject “Entrepreneurship and Corporate Culture” (teacher – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marina Letonja), students of the DOBA Faculty develop entrepreneurial competencies, study business culture and entrepreneurial spirit, which help them explore and discover various opportunities, think creatively, critically, and unconventionally.

As noted in the message of the Faculty, among other things, students prepare interesting business plans and presentations, such as LED candles made of environmentally friendly materials in a battery-operated glass stand, biofuel for heating, projects of postcards of various designs.

Besides the provision of professional knowledge, the Faculty also pays great attention to the development of “soft” competencies that meet current employer expectations. Thus, students gain experience in public speaking, presenting their business ideas to the market and potential investors, develop the ability to reasonably criticize fellow students and at the same time take into account their achievements.