Days of Poetry and Wine Are Held in Ptuj

The annual literary festival “Days of Poetry and Wine” is held in Ptuj on 22–25 August 2018. The event was opened with the traditional reading of the “Open Letter to Europe” – an appeal of poets to institutions, politicians, mass media and ordinary citizens of the EU, which addresses the most pressing social problems. This year, the text of the letter was written by the Swedish poet of Iranian origin Athena Farrokhzad. The publishing house Beletrina has published a collection of poems “Lace on Iron” by Agi Mishol and a translation of the collection “Inner Mystery” by Michael Krüger to mark the opening of the festival.

The current 22nd festival will host two guests of honour – one of the most well-known Israeli poets Agi Mishol and a German poet, editor and the president of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts Michael Krüger. This year’s focus is the modern Spanish poetry represented by Carlos Aganzo, Mercedes Cebrián and Erika Martínez. Joanna Klink (USA), Gábor Lanczkor (Hungary), Wang Yin (China), Valentina Colonna (Italy), Johanna Venho (Finland) and Yuri Andrukhovych (Ukraine) also take part in the festival. Slovenia is represented by Ivo Svetina, who has recently published a collection of poems “Father, Your Eyes Are Burning,” as well as by the musician and poet Vlado Kreslin with his book “The Buried Hour”.

The music part of the festival includes jazz performer Mia Žnidarič, American pianist Steve Klink, the Viennese band Month of Sundays, Tori Tango and Vlado Kreslin with Mali Bogovi.

It should be noted that the programme of the Days of Poetry and Wine includes 55 free events, which feature 21 poets from 16 countries of the world. There is also an eventful accompanying programme.