Darko Jorgić Becomes the Champion of the Mediterranean Games in Table Tennis

On Thursday, 28 June 2018, Darko Jorgić won the second gold medal for Slovenia in table tennis competition held as part of the Mediterranean Games. In the finals held in the ancient city of Valls, Catalonia, he confidently took over the Spanish, Jesus Canter Juncal (4:0). On the same day, three bronzes were won by Slovenian golfers and two bronzes were received by track-and-field athletes, while the total number of medals won by Slovenian athletes reached 25.

In the track-and-field arena in Tarragona, the Slovenian Tina Šutej won a silver medal in pole vaulting with a point of 4.41 metres. At the same stadium, her compatriot Maruša Mišmaš won bronze in hurdling at a distance of 3,000 metres.

Slovenian golfers Ana Belac and Žan Luka Štirn won bronze in the individual standings. Ana Belac, Vido Obrsnel and Pio Babnik became bronze medallists in the team event.

It should be recalled that the eighteenth Mediterranean Games were held in a small Spanish city of Tarragona in the south of Catalonia from 22 June to 1 July 2018. These multi-sport regional competitions, in which national teams of countries territorially located around the Mediterranean Sea take part. Among the Games participants, there are countries located in three parts of the world—in Europe, Asia and Africa. The first Mediterranean Games were held in 1951 in the Egyptian city of Alexandria. The competitions were held in 13 kinds of sport, in which 734 athletes from 10 countries took part. Ever since, they take place every 4 years without any interruption.

Source: siol.net