Cuisine of Slovenia’s Regions: Pork Kidneys in Sauce


  1. 3 tbsp pork fat or vegetable oil,
  2. 1 kg pork kidneys,
  3. 400 g chopped onion,
  4. 1 small chopped bell pepper,
  5. 0.5 chopped leek,
  6. 1 tsp thyme,
  7. 1 tsp ground sweet pepper,
  8. 1 tsp vegetable spices or Vegeta seasoning,
  9. 1 tsp tomato paste,
  10. 3 tbsp flour,
  11. 2 bay leaves,
  12. 1 L milk,
  13. salt,
  14. ground black pepper.


Cut the pork kidneys in half length, peel off films, remove ducts. Cut into thin slices. Put in a deep plastic plate, pour with cold water, gently crumple with hands and rinse. Thoroughly drain the water. Repeat this step 4 times.

Pour milk in to the plastic plate with the drained kidneys to cover them completely. Cover and refrigerate for 10 hours or more (overnight).

Rinse and drain the kidneys thoroughly. Fry the onions in fat until transparent, add the bell pepper, continue frying until the onion becomes golden. Add the kidneys, chopped leek and flour. Fry for about 10 more minutes. Add all the spices and tomato paste. Add water so that it covers the ingredients.

Lower the heat. Ingredients should be cooked for 80 minutes over low heat in a tightly closed container (like for goulash), stirring occasionally and adding water if necessary. Then open the container and cook the sauce to the desired thickness. If desired, at the end of cooking, you can add sour cream. Instead of pork kidneys, you can use beef or calf kidneys. Polenta, bread balls, potato gnocchi or just fresh (homemade) bread will do well for the dish.