Cuisine of Slovenia’s Regions: Nudlni with Dried Pears (Kločevi Nudlni)

Cooking time – 45 minutes.



  1. 500 g flour,
  2. 1 egg,
  3. a pinch of salt,
  4. 2 tsp vegetable oil,
  5. lukewarm water.


  1. 1 egg,
  2. cubes of white bread or several tbsp breadcrumbs,
  3. sugar to taste,
  4. 300 g dried pears,
  5. small amount of liquor or rum.


Make soft dough from all the ingredients and set it aside to rest.

Then put dried pears, one egg, and sugar in the chopper. Add liquor or rum. Grind well all the ingredients. At the end, add bread or breadcrumbs to thicken the mixture.

Roll out the dough in a thin layer and then cut into rectangles. Put 1 teaspoon of the filling on each rectangle. Then close the rectangles. Press well the edges so that they stick together and do not fall apart during cooking.

Boil the rectangles in salted water for 10–15 minutes. When the Nudlni are cooked, drain the water. Nudlni can be served as a dessert sprinkled with breadcrumbs and sugar, or as a second dish with warmed cracklings.