Cuisine of Slovenia’s Regions: Loška Medla—Millet Porridge with Smoked Pork Ribs

One of the oldest dishes of rural cuisine in the Gorenjska region. It originates from Škofja Loka. A nourishing dish of cereal or flour, which is highly digestible and low in calories, is cooked practically without seasoning. The only seasoning used is salt. It is served to the table with jerked meat.


  1. 800 g smoked pork ribs,
  2. 350 g millet porridge,
  3. 200 g white fine flour or buckwheat flour,
  4. 80 g pork fat,
  5. about 3 litres of water,
  6. bacon crisps,
  7. salt.


Boil pork ribs for some time and take them out of the water. Add about 3 litres of water and washed millet to the broth and cook porridge. When the porridge is half-ready, add a concentrate of white or buckwheat flour and pork fat, and then cook until the cereal is softened. Salt to taste. Before serving to the table, add pieces of jerked meat and warm bacon crisps.