Cuisine of Slovenia’s Regions: Lentil Soup with Sauerkraut and Prosciutto

Cooking time: 70 minutes.

Photo: Lentil Soup/pixabay/schlauschnacker

Ingredients (for 6 portions)

  1. 100 g lentils,
  2. 2 tbsp pork fat,
  3. 1 onion,
  4. 100 g smoked bacon or prosciutto,
  5. 150 g sauerkraut,
  6. 2 potatoes,
  7. 2 cloves of garlic,
  8. bay leaf, marjoram, ground black pepper, ground caraway seeds (to taste).


Sort the lentils, wash, put into 750 mL of water, salt, add bay leaf and boil until cooked.

Fry diced bacon, chopped onion, chopped sauerkraut on preheated pork fat stirring constantly.

Add the fried mixture to lentils, season, sprinkle with ground caraway seeds. Add the meat broth and cook until soft.

Peel, wash, and grate potatoes. Add potatoes to the soup. Stew until cooked.

Add chopped garlic and season the soup with marjoram.