China Is Interested in the Slovenian Company Outfit7

The Slovenian entrepreneurs Samo and Iza Login have put up for sale their Outfit7 Company that has developed a mobile application ‘Talking Tom’. One of the most real contenders for the purchase is considered to be a Chinese company Zhejiang Jinke Entertainment Culture Co. According to unofficial information, the estimated value of Outfit7 could reach up to 600 million euros. The Chinese side is to make an offer any day now, writes the Finance Daily.

The Publication received this information from several anonymous sources from the world of business. The decision to sell was made by the Login spouses few months ago.

Zhejiang Jinke is a public company with a market capitalization of 3.7 billion euros. According to the Finance, some time ago, the administration of the Chinese company made a surprising announcement, “We are planning to buy a company from the sphere of mobile games and entertainment industry.”

The main activity of the Zhejiang Jinke joint-stock company is the production of peroxides and other chemicals. However, as reported by the Bloomberg website, this year Zhejiang Jinke has purchased Zhexin IT, which specializes in the same sphere as Outfit7 — entertainment applications, online games and animation.

The main owners of the Outfit 7 Company, the married couple Samo and Iza Login, are the richest Slovenes, as estimated by the Manager publication. The spouses founded the Outfit7 Company in 2009, and in 2011, its Slovenian branch Ekipa2 appeared.

In 2015, they received 108 million euros of sales revenues (in 2014 — 79 million euros) and 80 million euros of net profit (in 2014 — 60 million euros). Last year, the owners of the company paid over 74 million euros of dividends. The Outfit7 Investments Limited Holding, which is headquartered in London, is a tax resident of Cyprus, according to the Finance Daily.