Business Representatives Share Their Experience in Working with VIP-Clients with Students of the Ljubljana University Economics Faculty

In May–June 2018, the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana hosts a series of lectures by business representatives within the framework of the Bachelor’s degree elective course “Communication with VIP-Clients” (lecturer: Prof. Dr. Barbara Čater). Students attended lectures conducted by the Chief Business Development Officer dealing with Green Solution of the Knauf Insulation Company, Jure Šumi, the KIG’s VIP-Client Service Manager, Marko Popovič, and the Selectium Adriatics’s CEO, Iztok Klančnik.

Within the framework of said lectures, Jure Šumi told about the reasons, for which his company decided to develop its personal approach to VIP-clients, and described the criteria used for choosing VIP-clients. He further focused on the differences in working with VIP-clients as compared to other business relationships. In conclusion, the guest told about the positive effects caused by their approach to VIP-clients and the way it affects the company’s activities.

Marko Popovič first introduced in detail the criteria, on the basis of which a decision is made on the selection of VIP-clients. He also explained how his company organized work with VIP-clients and distinguished the differences in approach to them as compared to other categories of customers. At the end of the lecture, Popovič told about the development of a project for business cooperation with VIP-clients and how the company tracks the satisfaction of VIP-clients and their profitability.

In turn, Iztok Klančnik started his lecture with a presentation of work processes on the Internet and digital technologies. He explained how the company is working with VIP-clients, what VIP-client managers are doing, what qualities are required to take this position, and what incentives are provided for these employees. Having presented the criteria for selecting VIP-clients, the guest also showed the students an example of a project for business cooperation with a VIP-client. At the end of the speech, Klančnik also noted the importance of confidence in the work with VIP-clients.