Students usually have much free time that they can devote to themselves. Now, it is quite simple to take a vacation in the middle of the year and travel to another side of the globe. The only real obstacle is the expenditures that you have to incur when traveling.

To reduce these costs, we prepared several recommendations together with Vanja Ogrinc from STA Ljubljana that will inform readers on how to take best advantage of their student status while travelling:

ISIC — the International Student Identity Card or the International Student card (Mednarodna študentska izkaznica), which gives discounts at museums, clubs, hostels, etc. It also provides an opportunity to insure oneself against accidents, and personal documents and keys — against theft.

You can use the 24/7 hot line 080 4742.

The card is valid for the current academic year and one additional month, that is from 1 September to 31 October next year.

To receive an ISIC card, the following documents are required: a certificate from the dean’s office, a photograph and passport or other ID. The card price is €12. More information can be found at

IYTC — the International Youth Card for students under 25 years. It is similar to the ISIC card and offers the same advantages. Validity period — 1 year from the date of issue. To receive this card, the following documents should be provided: passport or other ID, a photograph and 12 euros. More information can be found at

Ej!Kartica — a new name of the EURO<26 card. It is convenient for travel, for participation in cultural events, in sports, in education, etc. This card can be issued to anyone under the age of 30 years. Validity period — 1 year from the month of issue.

It can be ordered online at Card price is 10 euros (a membership fee).

SŽ Ej!KArtica — a new name of the SŽ-EURO<26 card. Besides other discounts, the Ej!KArtice card also offers 30% discount on rail transportation in Slovenia and 25% discount on rail transportation in Europe. Validity period — 1 year or until the date when its holder turns 26 years old. It is possible to buy this card at the box offices of the Slovenian Railways. Annual membership fee is 18 euros.

VIP Backpackers — this card allows savings at overnight stays, transportation, tours, and restaurants. It is recommended to buy this card if you plan to travel to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, and Canada. It has no age restriction. To receive this card you will only need a passport and 47 Australian dollars.

For more information, please visit

Hostelling International — this card gives discounts on overnight stays in hostels — 10%. It is valid all over the world for 1 year from the date of issue.

It is possible to order this card online, where you can find information on the places where to buy it (STA Ljubljana, Štil točka ŠOUM and Počitniško društvo Vodnik Kranj). There are different categories of cards: Junior 2 (15–29 years) costs 7.5 euros and Senior (over 29 years) — 9.5 euros. For more information, visit the website:

The price may also depend on the ability to bargain, which in some countries is an integral part of the negotiations.

What benefits does a student card offer?

As I mentioned earlier, the student and membership cards provide various advantages when visiting institutions of culture and art. You can travel cheaper with a student card, which is of particular importance for students.

Travel agencies can agree on a fixed discount for students, sometimes you can get a discount on air tickets.

Being a student makes it possible to travel with a discount by buses and trains, but not always on all routes. Therefore, when buying a card, it is useful to ask whether there is any additional student discount on a particular route, which is important both for Slovenia and for foreign countries. When booking beds in hotels or hostels, it is also advisable to ask whether they provide any additional benefits for students.

As a rule, after four or five nights it becomes possible to agree on one free overnight stay, but it depends on the service provider.


The National Student Card offers many advantages within the European Union, which has already been mentioned.

France even has a number of monuments of national importance, which are free to visit for all residents of the European Union under 26 years. Something similar also exists in Spain. Moreover, students have discounts for entrance tickets to museums and galleries (in Germany, Portugal, etc.), and sometimes even visit them for free (in the UK).

Outside the EU member states, the benefits are not so obvious only in relation to the National Student Card, as they differ from each other. The only exception is the universal ISIC card, which is recognized worldwide, even by using the UNESCO support.


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