Student of the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana Marta Sesar: Slovenia Made Me a Mature and Responsible Person

For many young musicians, a foreign country is a window of opportunities for establishing cooperation at the international level and creative development. The destiny has lead the Croatian flutist, the winner of several international competitions, Marta Sesar to Slovenia. According to her, she has not only found her academic path, but has also received a powerful impetus for personal development in this country.

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“Ljubljana was the right choice for me,” Martha says in her interview with Below is the full text of the interview.

– Slovenia is not such a distant country for the Croats. Still, every step taken outside your own environment is complex in its own way. Why have you chosen Slovenia for creative self-realization?

– I agree with you. At first, it was very hard for me, because I came to Slovenia only for the sake of creativity and the chosen teacher at the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana. Despite the fact that I received the basic education in Zagreb, I participated in parallel in various international workshops, and so I got acquainted with the Slovenian teacher Matej Zupan. We found a common language, and when I felt that he understood me and motivated me correctly, I realized that he was the mentor I needed for my development in music. Soon I realised that Ljubljana offered excellent conditions for training. Here there is a possibility of living in a hostel, enjoy a convenient location of the faculties. I finally was reinforced in my choice.

– When did you feel that you would become a musician?

– From childhood, although my family was not associated with music. Mom and dad have a musical ear, but they did not have an opportunity to develop it, because the family did not have enough money. At that time, they had to make a living, and musical education was not as important as today. On the advice of my teacher from the basic school, who saw the talent in me, my parents sent me to a music school.

– You are a participant of many international competitions. Among other things, you performed for several months as part of a well-known international orchestra…

– In general, I played in various international orchestras, but at some point I felt that I needed to take a break to raise my level and work on myself. Then, quite unexpectedly, I received an invitation from the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra. I agreed on assistance in training with my teachers, but I never really believed that I would have such a luck. When I was chosen, I received a powerful inspiration.

The orchestra works in Vienna, although they select candidates in many countries. That year, applications were submitted by 2,000 musicians, and only 100 were selected. Incredible experience that requires considerable effort. We were engaged from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. with breaks for lunch and dinner. Within such an environment, you can feel the maximum return from all the musicians. It is felt that they want to become the best and show the maximum result. We had a creative tour to ten countries, and it was really amazing.

– Was it difficult for you, a representative of the sphere of art, to come to a foreign country and adapt not only to the rhythm of life, but also to the conditions of creativity?

– Of course, at first it was really very difficult for me. I knew only the location of my academy, my teacher and the place I lived. And that was all. I did not know anyone, I did not know the language, I did not really know anything at all. For a foreigner, adaptation in a new environment is not an easy task. I often called home, talked with my parents, and it became easier for me. Soon I met beautiful people, great friends who helped me a lot. And, of course, the right attitude was important. I knew that leaving abroad was my personal exam, which would give me a useful experience.

– How did the Slovenes accept you?

– Slovenia accepted me really warm. It was funny when I tried to speak Slovenian and did everything to be understood, even though I could not. Then people saw my problems and started using Croatian language themselves. It really helped me and I finally found it easier to communicate. The Slovenes are very hospitable people, so far I have not had any negative accidents. For example, I was pleasantly surprised when the Slovenian police came to my house and returned my identity card, which I had lost. I think in a rare country would have happened something like that.

– In your opinion, does the Slovenian character differ from the Croatian one?

– Yes, it does very much. The Slovenes are more calm. We are much more expressive. At the same time, I would not say that the Slovenes are unsociable people, they are simply more reserved.

– And what is the local rhythm of life if compared to Croatia?

– In Slovenia, life in nature, sports, cycling, mountaineering are encouraged greatly. At the same time, I am impressed by the measured life of the Slovenes, because Ljubljana is much calmer than Zagreb. In my country, people are all the time in a hurry. In Slovenia, I do not particularly notice this. I like this very much.

– Do you have your favourite place, where you like to spend time and get inspired?

– Oh yes, there is one place near the Ljubljanica River, which is really “my place”. When I’m upset, when I have problems and I’m not in harmony with myself, I go there and meditate. So, I calm down. I have already been to Rožnik and Tivoli, while there are many more places that I would visit eagerly.

– What inspires you in life and helps to create music?

– The life inspires me. I always connect music with life, and everything that happens in it I transfer into music. It seems to me that this is the best source for creativity, because life is an art, it should be considered as a journey and adventure. Emotions are of primary importance. I believe that technical nuances can be mastered by everyone, but music should be felt, and not only heard.

– What aspects of your nature have you discovered here in Slovenia?

– Slovenia has made me a mature person, ready for possible difficulties and independent solutions. I have become a person who better sees the difference between people in that we adhere to different religious views and family values. However, there is something completely unique, which creates real magic in our lives.

– Do you consider the possibility of staying in Slovenia and building your future here?

– If there is such a possibility, then yes. I really like Slovenia as a state. I feel good here.

– But surely there is something that you lack in Slovenia…

– In Slovenia, I always miss Croatia… This is a sense of my origin.

– What is the greatest value in life for you? What’s your life philosophy?

– I am a very positive and thankful person. I’m looking for the positive sides in people and in events. I am guided by a positive attitude, faith and gratitude. This is the most important thing that I have. It is enough that I am aware of my own responsibility for my dreams and desires, for my strength. Everywhere I am accompanied by a smile. This has always been so, is now and will remain in future!


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