Bekzhan Alymbaev: Entry to a University in Slovenia Is the First Big Step to Achieving my Goals

We had a talk with Bekzhan, a student of the Faculty of Engineering and Transport. In this life-affirming interview, you will learn why a former pupil from Kyrgyzstan does not use student bonuses (bons) and who pays a scholarship to him. You can also read about Bekzhan’s favourite place in Novo Mesto, the city where he studies, and his favourite Slovenian dishes.

Photo: © Bekzhan Alymbaev

– Greetings! Tell us, please, a little bit about yourself, what do you like to do in your spare time?

– Hello, I’m Alymbaev Bekzhan. I grew up in Kyrgyzstan in the city of Karakol. In this region, there is one of the world’s most beautiful lakes, Issyk-Kul. As they say, I grew up under the sounds of waves. I like swimming, math, singing and sports (chess, table tennis and football). In addition, I take a great interest in recording and editing video files.

– Could you please tell us about the educational institution you study at? Which study programme have you chosen? And why?

– I entered the Faculty of Engineering and Transport in Novo Mesto. The reason for my choice is simple. I study the subject, to which I take like a duck to water. Besides, I have a desire to learn the process of producing technical inventions and the materials needed therefore. I have long decided that in the future, I will work in the sphere of engineering since at school I was mainly interested in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Therefore, coming to Slovenia for studies was one of the first and big steps to achieving my goals.

– In what city do you study? What are your first impressions? Can you list your favourite places in Slovenia?

– The city, in which I study, is called Novo Mesto. My impressions are very good. The city is very clean. There are traffic signs everywhere. The roads are even and clean. In my country, this is a problem, even though not a too big one. However, I am still getting used to the local mentality. People are very kind! Despite the fact that I have an Asian appearance, local residents are willing to provide all the help they can. Although, of course, there are those who try to avoid me because of the fear, in the truest sense of this word. But I take it absolutely calmly.

The city is very small as compared to where I lived. My favourite place is the bank of the Krka River, where ducks and swans swim. Once every two weeks, I go there and feed them with bread.

– Do you participate in student life?

– I’m just getting used to it. But I already have certain plans. Together with my teachers, I’m going to study projects related to mechanics.

– Do you use bonuses for students? Bons, discounts. Please, tell us in more detail?

– I am registered for student bons, but I have not yet used them. However, this does not mean that I am starving.

Since my parents have to pay not only for my studies, but also for my food and accommodation, the first thing I actually needed was to find a job. It was a true challenge for me because I didn’t know the Slovenian language. However, I was lucky to meet very kind friends who helped solve the problems with food and housing. I started receiving a monthly scholarship from the DRDP volunteer association. I also receive food weekly from the Red Cross charity organization. This improved the conditions of my life in Slovenia and gave me many opportunities so that I could work hard and study.

– How do you find studying in Slovenia? Do you like it? Why? Have you chosen this country by chance? Or did you have a profound knowledge of Slovenia?

– I am very pleased with my studies in Slovenia. Namely, with stability, honesty and self-discipline.

The choice of the country was random. But, as they say, nothing venture, nothing gain. So, I took the chance. My hopes and expectations were justified. You can say I received my first “gains”. For sure, I haven’t yet regretted my random choice.

– Was it easy to learn the language? What language do you use to communicate with your groupmates and in everyday life?

– Slovenian is one of the Slavic languages, which was a great advantage for me when I studied it. Since Kyrgyzstan is a post-Soviet country, we also speak Russian there.

I have not completely mastered this language. I am still in the process of studying. I try to learn it as soon as possible, because the instruction is conducted in Slovenian.

I communicate in Slovenian with some of my friends, which helps very much in mastering the language. But, basically, I communicate with friends in English. However, sometimes situations happen, for which Slovenian is a must. For example, when I visit shops.

– How did you know about 2TM?

– Slovenia was an accidental choice. After graduation, I applied to a number of agencies for help. In one of them, I was told about several options for obtaining education in Europe, including Slovenia, which at that time was a backup option. I failed to move to the country, which was my primary choice, because of the agency’s fault. Later, the agency provided me with all the information about Slovenia, including the 2TM contacts. I am still grateful to them for this.

– How has our company helped you? Are you glad that you have contacted us?

– 2TM employs not just professionals who know perfectly their business. These are people with great and kind hearts.

I am very grateful to this company for all its help with the documents, about which I did not even hear before coming to Slovenia. And, of course, thank you for simple human advice.

– Tell us about Slovenian cuisine. What do you like and what are you not even ready to try? Maybe you can advise some places to eat out?

– I have already tried many local dishes, although I had enough food during my first months here. I brought them from Kyrgyzstan. Later, I found friends who would never leave me hungry.

In general, I like Slovenian cuisine. Especially cheese bureks. However, as they say, there is no place like home. I still miss Kyrgyz national dishes, such as Beshbarmak.

– Have you already made friends with someone?

– I have many … very many of them.

– Who helped you during your first months in Slovenia?

– Many people actually. In the beginning, when I first flew to Ljubljana, the 2TM employees met me at the airport and took directly to my room in the dormitory. After that, I repeatedly received support from the company. Besides, I have friends in the dormitory. They are Turks, Russians, Ukrainians, teachers and educators from the faculty and from the student dormitory. There is one very kind woman Branka, the Head of DRPD, and a professor from my faculty, Anatoly Nikonov. There are many other people. I can’t even list all of them.

– Thank you for your answers!

Bekzhan’s interview is bright and sincere. His example motivates not to be afraid of changes. The student was born in a simple family. When being a schoolboy, he chose subjects that were easy for him and developed the relevant knowledge in all possible ways. Despite his young age, he is a real man who takes full responsibility for his living on himself. He does not complain about anything, but lives with a smile and accepts all the gifts that life gives him. The story of Bekzhan proves that if you have enough strength to cope with your fears, you can achieve any goals.

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