Perhaps the pilot profession is not the first thing we think of when deciding on an education and future career. But the feeling of freedom and satisfaction of curiosity exceeds even a high pilot’s salary. Here are 15 reasons why pilots have the best job in the world.

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1. Exclusivity

Less than a percent of people in the modern world have a license to fly. If you become a pilot, you get a license to enter an exclusive group of the world’s population who have special knowledge and who use this knowledge for a good cause. Everyone would be a pilot if it were that easy. Obtaining a license is a real challenge and therefore obtaining it is all the more satisfying.

2. Irreplaceable feelings

Hovering in the blue vast sky, observing the earth from above and sailing above the clouds – nothing like this is offered by any other job in the world.

3. Speed

If you need four hours to travel by car, in a smaller plane you would only a third of that time. Passenger planes, however, are even faster. When you become a pilot, the world suddenly lies (literally) under your feet.

4. New Perspective

You will develop a whole new view of the world. Flying reminds us how small we are in the infinite universe, and fills us with a greater sense of gratitude for the closeness of our loved ones. There is no better place to retreat from a crazy world than high in the sky, where we can clear our minds in peace.

5. A life adventure

Flying will never go out of fashion. It has always received approval and admiration. People still like to listen to the stories of old pilots; but someday this narrator will be you.

6. Own progress

By flying, you become a better person – more disciplined, tolerant, alert and simply smarter. Flying gives a better spatial representation and more complex mathematical-logical thinking. Learn to make decisions more effectively, which will always benefit you in your daily life. You become more responsible and as such an example to younger (and often older) generations. There is no room for fear in the air – if you have ever been afraid of heights, you will finally get rid of that fear while learning to fly.

7. Searched profile

Pilots can find a job anywhere in the world. They are not tied to their hometown, nor to the country, nor to the mainland. Pilots are needed all over the world and are irreplaceable with any other cadre.

8. Travels

Travel is the most obvious reason to become a pilot. You will see the wider world, meet new people and their culture, history and character. You will eat and drink typical food from all over the globe. Every stop and break over the years becomes a mini break. What other job allows for something like that?

9. The View

Nothing beats the view from your “office”. There is no skyscraper in the world that offers a better view of the world. The view is different every day, sunny every day, beautiful every day.

10. Salary and career

Pilots have a high salary. No one defends good earnings; especially if it comes from the work we love to do. You will also eventually advance in ranks and salaries. As you grow, you will only become more experienced; if you stay in shape, you don’t have to worry about keeping your job. Also, don’t forget about a flexible workday that allows for more shared free days and time with family.

11. Friendly co-workers

Pilots, technicians and flight attendants usually become a great team and pleasant company during the year. As a pilot, however, you will still be superior, developing excellent leadership skills. It is also worth mentioning the orderly schedule: when you are not working, you have peace. No one from the office sends you emails on the weekends, no one calls you after hours, you’re not involved in big office dramas. The boundaries of your office are the boundaries of the world.

12. Uniform

Thirty-five years ago Tom Cruise fascinated us as a young pilot in the movie Top Gun and inspired many people for this profession. In fact, a good part of that is the uniform. Because of the uniform, the one wearing it is more confident, which makes it more attractive. Uniform means authority, and that means power. Pilots in uniforms look even more interesting to the people around them.

13. Learning about people

The pilot meets all kinds of people on their flights. Every day, a hundred (or more) new passengers board the plane, each with their own peculiarities and specifics. Upon boarding and disembarking, the pilot greets the passengers, observing their faces, facial expressions, and recognizing their feelings and views. In this way, he strengthens empathy, which helps him to find himself in a new environment more easily in life.

14. Holiday benefits

Pilots get benefits for air travel even when they are not on duty. Each year, it brings them points on loyalty cards that they can use themselves or give to family members. This makes it much easier for ordinary mortals to afford a holiday in the tropics or the far north.

15. A dream come true

Just who hasn’t dreamed of flying? How one ascends to heavenly heights like a bird? When we fly, the body is flooded with adrenaline, excitement drives blood through the body, and the heart feels infinite freedom, serenity and peace.

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Kaja Galič Lenkič for 2TM d.o.o.

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