Bakalca is a Slovenian dish that is still largely unknown to many people. Bakalca is a traditional dish in Idrija and western Slovenia. Its main ingredient is lamb.

Photo: Bakalca/Free-Photos

To cook delicious Bakalca you will need the following ingredients:

  1. 1,2 kg lamb ,
  2. 250 g onion ,
  3. 30 g flour ,
  4. 100 g fat ,
  5. 200 g carrot ,
  6. bone broth ,
  7. vinegar and wine ,
  8. sea salt ,
  9. spices (pepper, bay leaf, sage, thyme).

Chop the lamb leg and fry well with the onion and garlic previously fried on hot fat. Add chopped vegetables and herbs. Pour the bone broth to make the dish thick.

Simmer the dish over low heat, add a little vinegar and wine, and boil well.

Enjoy your meal!