The American Wine Critic James Suckling Praises Slovenian Wines

One of the world’s most famous and influential wine critics, the American James Suckling, has praised highly the wine brands of the “Goriška Brda” cellar.

The critic gave his approval to the wines from the “Goriška Brda” cellar manufactured by two famous winemakers: Marjan Simčič and Aleš Kristančič Movie.

The critic expressed his assessment of the Slovenian wines in the Lifestyle section of the Asia Tatler publication. Movie obtained 95 points out of 100 possible for his sparkling wine “Puro” of the vintage 2009 and “Gredič Exto” (the former “Tocai Friulano”) of the vintage 2015, and Simčič — for his “Sauvignon Opoka” of the vintage 2013. Another wine manufactured by Simčič is the “Rebula Opoka” of the vintage 2011, which was awarded 96 points. The “Rebula Lunar” of the vintage 2013 from the Kristančič Movie’s cellar received 97 points.

“A small-sized Slovenia makes unique wines — mainly in the border areas with Italy,” James Suckling said, who previously was an expert exactly in the Italian wines.