Amendments to the Statute of the University of Ljubljana Concerning the Thesis Defense by Students Who Lost Their Legal Status

On Tuesday, 26 June 2018, the Senate of the University of Ljubljana at its meeting made an amendment to Article 128 of the University Statute. It stipulates that a student who has successfully fulfilled all academic standards, but does not defend its thesis, is entitled to complete its study programme for free within two years.

It should be noted that in the previous version of Article 128 of the Statute of the University of Ljubljana it was stipulated that a student, having lost its legal status, has to pay for the university services at its own expense during the preparation and defense of the thesis.

After a discussion, the Senate passed a resolution that obliges the management of the University of Ljubljana to find system solutions to overcome the problem of non-completion of student education. First of all, the reasons for this situation should be identified and measures taken to complete the students’ training before they lose their legal status.

Reference Information:

According to the legal formulation, student is a person who, according to the established procedure, is enrolled in a higher educational institution for training. Thus, when an entrant is enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree study programme, he/she acquires the status of a student.

As a documentary confirmation of this status, a student is issued a student card. Before the student card is issued, it is possible to take a certificate of admission in the dean’s office, which is valid if a student has a passport.

The student’s status is valid from 1 October of the current academic year to 30 September of the next year and is prolonged given the successful transition to each subsequent academic year until completion of studies.