Alma Mater Europaea to Train Archivists for EU Institutions

Alma Mater Europaea together with the International Institute of Archival Sciences in Maribor/Trieste, EURBICA – the European Union of Archivists and the EU Historical Archives signed a memorandum on the training of archivists for institutions of Europe on the sidelines of the 29th International Archivists Day, which was held in Koper at the end of October 2019.

“The memorandum is the beginning of cooperation between these institutions and the commitment that Alma Mater Europaea will prepare archival specialists for all European specialized structures,” says Prof. Dr Peter Pavel Klasinc, Chairman of the Department of Archive Keeping and Document Studies at Alma Mater Europaea and Head of the International Institute of Archival Sciences in Maribor/Trieste.